Top quality fabrics and materials

Bandalux presents a wide range of fabrics, materials and printing techniques that adapt to the specifications of each architectural project.

Blackout fabrics

Blackout fabrics bring maximum darkness and privacy to the building for a maximum comfort. They ensure an optimal light management and effective thermal protection, as they avoid the light and heat transmission and block the UV rays.

  • Excellent protection fromt the heat.
  • Lower energy consumption of the building and contribution tot he attainment of energy credits for Passivhous programs.
  • Available for interior and exterior systems.
  • Excellent acoustic absortion.
    Ideal for conference and projection halls, hotel or hospital rooms that require maximum darkness and privacy.
    Free of lead and other harmful substances.
Blackout fabric specs


Eco-friendly fabrics

Bandalux eco-friendly fabrics are high-performance and sustainable solutions made from recycled materials.

  • Planet Ignis and Ecoplanet Ignis are made from 100% recycled PET polyester: it takes 6 bottles to manufacture 1 m2 of fabric. Besides, Renaissance Ignis is made of recycled materials and has an excellent acoustic absortion.
  • PVC-free, lead-free and halogen-free
  • Ideal for health care buildings and schools.
  • Minimized environmental impact, energy efficiency.
Eco-friendly fabric specs


Reflective fabrics

Fabrics with RSC (Solar Reflective Coating) boast a mother-of-pearl or metallic surface treatment that significantly helps to enhance the heat and light protection performance of the indoor sun protection systems in a building.

  • Higly efficient shield against the heat for an improved temperature control and energy savings (fabrics with a Gtot interior factor of 0,27 with refraction of up to 77% of the heat).
  • Visual confort: they filter the sun’s rays and hence prevent reflections to the inside of the room.
  • Free of lead and other harmful substances.
bandalux reflective fabric specs


Decorative fabrics

Bandalux decorative fabrics collection is made with a rich diversity of colors, textures and finishes. These fabrics comply with all applicable regulations for buildings and contribute to energy savings and comfort.

  • Manufactured in keeeping with the latest trends in decoration, Bandalux collection presents a wide array of colors and motifs.
  • Different degrees of opening to ensure privacy and visibility.
  • Reduction of air conditioning and heating costs.
  • Free of lead and other harmful substances.
bandalux decorative fabric specs


Digital Printing

With our digital printing tecnology, images are directly printed onto the fabric by means of a large digital printer that ensures the best quality of impression and color.

More than 150 designs are available on our catalogue. Moreover, the shades can also be customized with a text, logo or image provided by the customer, as long as the image has a minimum resolution of 300 pixels and a JPG, TIFF or PDF format.


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