Sunlight Management

The importance of sunlight management for sustainability, energy savings and optimal visual and thermal comfort cannot be understated.

Large glass surfaces call for highly efficient sun protection systems: Indoor and outdoor drapes and shades for ideal sunlight and heat management, which contribute to energy savings and the well-being of the users.

Sunlight Management

How do you measure the impact of the sunlight?

When UV light hits a surface, a part of it goes through (transmission) the existing materials (whether a glass surface or a shade), another part is reflected to the outside (reflection), and the rest of the light is absorbed in the fabric and finally radiates in the form of heat (absorption).

These parameters are measured using the following indexes:

T = solar transmission factor
R = solar reflection factor
A = solar absorption factor

The intensity of this lighting, which can be mitigated by using Bandalux sun protection systems, has a direct effect on the comfort of the users: Health, vision, welfare, safety and job performance. Moreover, the effective control of the natural light is an important factor for energy savings and the sustainable and long-lasting construction.


Visual comfort

Bandalux sun protection systems filter the light and reduce the disturbances caused by the sun’s rays, such as reflections and glares, and therefore promote visual comfort. What’s more, they comply with the international standards that stress the importance of correct lighting.

Each type of room requires a different degree of lighting, and Bandalux shades and drapes adapt perfectly to those needs. For example, 150 lux in a reception area, 300 lux in a conference room, 500 lux in an office and 1000 lux in a design studio.

Thermal comfort

Shades are decisive in obtaining the optimal temperature for daily life and work, as well as for thermal comfort. For the proper sunlight management of a building,

Bandalux uses technical fabrics including its Polyscreen, Blackout and Pearly finish fabrics, which protect, filter and regulate the heat of a room, to ensure healthy thermal conditions.

Furthermore, colors also play an essential role in thermal comfort. Dark colors absorb the heat, whereas light colors reflect it.

Reducing impacts on the environment by reducing the use of energy

Buildings are responsible for 43% of the total use of energy,

Bandalux technical shades act as an element that reduces the solar factor inside buildings, affording an average savings of 10% in heating costs by lowering the temperature of a room by 5 – 10ºC

Energy savings window blinds

Bandalux contributes to the development of sustainable and smart constructions that minimise the use of non-renewable energies to reduce the emission of pollutants and waste, promoting the eco-efficiency of the buildings of today and tomorrow.

Bandalux technical fabrics afford savings of up to 55% in air conditioning and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

In addition to improving the quality of the indoor environment and contributing to energy savings, our sunlight management systems comply with the international demands for eco-efficiency.

Smart shades for smart buildings

Smart Buildings are constructions that afford automated control and management through a number of integrated systems that are designed to facilitate the daily life of the occupants.

Automation and remote control with Bandalux and Somfy motors allow the occupants to program the time of day that the blinds are opened and closed.

Moreover, the building’s operative expenses go down, thanks to the reduced maintenance and heating costs. By bringing motorisation and reliable centralised automation together, Bandalux generates simple, user friendly systems that are also easy to access for maintenance.

Window Blinds for Smart Buildings

The influence of sunlight on the inside of the building is extremely important in any architectural project, as the light needs to be optimised and at times re-directed, yet without ever losing sight of the building’s security systems.

Bandalux sun protection systems are functional and safe.

Window-Blinds that meet all heath and safety regulations

Bandalux products with the Made in Europe and USA seal are backed by the strictest quality control measures, which comply with different benchmark sunlight management standards, including Spanish Royal Decree 486/1997 and UNE-EN 12464- 1:2003.

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